Some Glassic parts info

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Model A Ford Parts that fit Glassics / Replicars

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Bumpers either the 28-29 or 30-31 will fit. Both were used at different times on the cars with the two bar bumpers

The 28 - 29 style are the ones bent at each end, where the 30 - 31 style is straight across, with a slight curve.

Hood latches Available in catalogs, either painted or stainless. There are two different types used on the Model A's. Order the correct ones that have 2 mounting holes.
Bumper medallions Will fit the cars using the two-bar bumpers
Tops Must be custom made. No stock top will fit either the Roadster or Phaeton.
Side Curtains Must be custom made. The specs are different for Generation 1, 2, and 3&4 cars.  4 generations of Glassics explained.

Parts that fit the International running gear (Generation 1 cars)  4 generations of Glassics explained.

oil filter 1966 Wix 51156, Fram CH333PL Napa 1156
fuel filter 1966 Wix 33943, Napa 3943

Compatible parts that fit the Mustang running gear (Generation 2 onward) 4 generations of Glassics explained.

Please send your findings.  Many part numbers appear elsewhere on the site. See the tech page for the component
Steering U-joint universal joint on a 1973 NAPA P338 -- shows as coming from a Dodge truck from the period, but size matches, per owner.
Steering box  on a 1972  is a Ford SMA-B from a 70-77 Maverick or Comet.
The Pittman Arm on a 1972 is from a 70 Maverick and has the Ford Part Number D0DA-3590-A
Shocks 1973 SHOCKS - car # 876 a 1973 info received Jan. 2019

 I wanted to use Monroe Matics like were previously on the car the old part numbers were not matching up. I was able to match up the correct size and mounts to KYB shocks.
 KYB #344055 for the front and
 KYB #343219 for the rear.

drive line on a 1974 From Rich, car 1148, a 1974 - received 5/2009

I have recently rebuilt the rear end and drive line and Ford parts are what worked. I ordered from Kragens rear seals and bearings and all the brake hardware and wheel cylinders matched 1974 Ford Maverick.

However the driveline rebuild I am working on, Ford Maverick u joints do not fit. I will let you know what does. We have also completely replaced all of the front end with coil-overs and I will send pictures as to the looks soon.

Still trying to find the rear leaf spring bushings.. I can tell you what does not fit, Bronco, Maverick, Mustang, Econoline…(The answer to THAT item, we think, is HERE.)

UNIVERSAL JOINTS  -- U JOINTS -- These fit car 1148, a 1974:

The ujoints according to the shop are a 1310 series part number  spr5-785X and a NPO1-4635
shocks, brake shoes, steering stabilizer
In 2015, owner of car 1178, a 1974, supplied this info
  I have replaced my FRONT SHOCKS MONROE GAS-MATIC59001
Brakes on a 1977 Look at brakes from a '74 Maverick. Part #03179. I think the master cylinder could be part AA492. These are from notes I found from a phone call I got from a Joe Nave in Kansas City, MO.  It appears that he never registered his car.  1/07
Ignition switch
 Reported by car owner #1402 as being from a 1977 - ignition switch mfg. is BWD part #CS91.
Brake Booster
Dave (Phaeton 1279) reported in 2011 that the BRAKE BOOSTER for his car was a perfect bolt-in match for a 1979 Granada.
alternator bracket 1978 The lower, curved arm on my 78 has the Motorcraft part number D3AE-10145 - CA. It appears that the end was cut off to fit the space.  An eBay replacement set in chrome that was supposed to fit the Ford 302 -- neither the main bracket or the lower arm fit.
cable -1978
On my 1978, a '78 Mustang II speedometer cable was a direct replacement. The fitting on the speedometer end was a screw-on on the Glassic but the replacement was a slip-on, with a plastic retainer clip. It fit, however. Note - get someone with skinny hands to reach up behind the speedometer. It's a tight fit!
Power steering seal 1979 Info added 2/2019 from owner of car #1402.  Note that the part is from a NEWER year car so probably not original.
Seal for Rack & Pinion steering, this is the seal where the steering shaft connects to the steering box.
Had go to Ford in order to get the seal. Part # D5AW3D527AA / Ford OIL SEAL 11/16IN ID X 1-5/8IN OD
Ford says it fits 90-01 F150, Bronco, Econoline and Van
Reported in 2019 by the owner of car #1402

The front brake calipers and also the master cylinder came from a 1978 mustang II

Front end parts 1980 - 1979 I was at the auto parts store (Napa)  and what they came up with , for the sway bar end links that I was looking for , is the front end is a 1978 Mustang 2 , which was the same from '74-'78........Rich #1456

Alan, car #1487, a 1979,  reported in 2017 that Mustang II NAPA part # 265-1922 sway bar end link fit. See info at

Front Brakes
Car #1452 reported in April, 2019 that the following numbered parts fit his car: Front pads : (set) MKD90
Front rotors : (set) BBR6036RGS ( 1980 ford Pinto 2.3 L)
Smog Pump
2015 - owner of car 1452 replaced smog pump (to please California smog rules) with "1973 mustang 302V8 part number CRD 32-290" -
also the belt that worked for this was Gates 7329 (6mm x 845mm)
Voltage regulator
Car 1254 - voltage regulator was faulty. The replacement is part # VR440SB
Components for a 1981
Some are original quality parts, some are upgrades - Info provided by the owner of Car #1505 -- at this date, (June, 2008) it is the highest (last) VIN on the owners list)

ITEM                       SOURCE       MFG.         MODEL                     PART #             PRICE  

Power Rack and Pinion  JEGS         AGR      80-93 Mustang 20:1       012-711061      $249.99    
Power Steering Hose  Advance   Powercraft    85 Ford LTD 2.3L 1 Bbl    71116             10.88                    
Front Hub/Rotor         O'Reilly     WAGNER      80 Pinto                      BD60420            36.99
Front Hub Seal           O'Reilly     Nat.            80 Pinto                     6815                    5.98
Oil Filter                   Any         Purolator   (short filter)                   PL14670                4.94
Power Steering Filter  CarQuest  CARQUEST (canister type P-176)  CFI 85430                   8.25
Lower Radiator Hose        NAPA       Gates                                           20058                 check on
A/C Belt                   Ford      Motorcraft                      JB 527-L 42-1771DF                       "  
Alternator Belt          Ford      Motorcraft                      D2AE 8620 CSIA DF                       " 
Power Steering / Fan Belt       Motorcraft                      JB 423 42 1571 DF                         " 
Rear Sway Bar Bolts/Bushings    TRW       95-2003 Ford Explorer           18155HD                  " 
Front Shock Absorbers  Advance  MONROE 75 Ford Mustang ll 2.3L       56003                41.96
HP Water Pump    Summit     Flow Kooler   78 351 cu. in.  w/PS, AC        1650 
Engine       FORD 302 cubic inch  2 barrel                              1979 Ford Granada Family       
Transmission   FORD C-4  Automatic                                                                               
Differential  FORD  7 1/2"  2.73 to 1 ratio, coil springs, air shocks, control arm susp.