Convertible top boot -- 1978 Glassic / Replicar Phaeton

This boot came with my car. I never used it on the car, so I don't know how it fits or looks.
The 3 inch tab part looks like it snaps to the inside of the car along the top of the back seat. The other side snaps to the back of the car, where the top fabric was removed.

The Glassic boots were NOT intended to cover the top frame and fabric -- the fabric is to be removed and stored elsewhere. Also, the boots don't look good unless SOMETHING, towels etc. are stuffed inside. -- Reminds me of a teen stuffing kleenex in her bra.

Male snaps along the bottom, female along the top -- both facing inward.

Dragonfly assists in photography.

These "feet" are part of the boot. These seem to snap to the side of the car where the top fabric would ordinarily be. -- The missing snap is female, facing out -- and probably too tightly placed since the one on the other boot (can't be seen) is pulled away and torn too.

This boot is probably not original to the car -- these pics are to give you a starting point in designing your own boot.
The following remarks are by Joel, the builder of the cars. The info was provided in July, 2003.

The boot in your pictures is totally unfamiliar to me...  The boot for my car is like a sack that fits under the top frame and snaps into 5 "lift-the-dot" pins that are sticking up out of the rear "hoop" of the body behind the rear seat cushion...  The "ears" just overlap the top frame toward the front of the car and just snap on the male snaps that are already in (but not being used since the top has been removed) the top frame itself so the back part (the sack) won't blow of when you're going down the road...   

The Phaeton and the Roadster were definitely different (from each other) and neither looked very good unless you packed them with towels or something to fill them out...