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In June, 2014, car 268 - a car body only, was for sale (info on owners list pg. 1).  When I wrote to the seller, he answered, among other things that he a had had some interest in his Craigs List ad and::

Was even contacted by 3 businesses offering $500 for the scrap metal value of the fiberglass body.

In October, 2012, the new owner of car 576 sent the following when he registered his car in Massachusetts:

New MA laws have no provision for a manufactured replica and do not recognize Glassic as a manufacturer. eg: Titled as a 'replica' and automatically considered to be a kit car by RMV.

DMVs, in the Annexmaster's opinion have generally been insensitive to the needs of collector cars and their owners -- they seem geared toward new and slightly used cars, and don't like to be confused by "facts" that don't fit their narrow view of things.  Some states, for example,  just cannot deal with a three digit VIN, so they issue made-up VINs - often disregarding the original numbers altogether.

I received this from an owner in Oct. 2007. I have seen this kind of inquiry before -- I THINK that it is one of those deals where someone targets "for sale" listings and if anyone replies, he offers a plan where he sends a check for a larger amount (presumably as a "bonus" for you, and to cover way more than enough for shipping) and you send him the "change" back.  By the time his check bounces, your excess money you sent back is long gone.  Add this to your collection of dumb scams!

>From: Fransseco Nesta <>
>Date: 2007/10/23 Tue PM 05:07:30 CDT
>Subject: iTEM @

>Goodday,     I am Mr Fransseco. I was survering throught the net when i saw your advertised placed at glassicannex .So I picked interest in it,kindly get back to me if it is still avaliable for sale.Since I have not seen the present pictures, i will like to know it's;</DIV>  <DIV> </DIV>  <DIV>present condition?
The owner?
The reason for selling?
The last price?</DIV>  <DIV> </DIV>  <DIV>if so please don't essitate to tell me the affected part.     Expecting your immediate response.     Thanks     Mr Fransseco Nesta
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What a great photo to make up your own caption for! -- or scroll further for another pic.


Now, here is the actual story behind this picture of car 189
relayed by Bill Crozier in April, 2006.

Well,  I was towing it to my son who is in the USAF  in the pandhandle (of Florida) and was trying to make up time towing with a tow bar which was dandy until I got around 80mph and I assumed the tire got a bit hot and although looked new it was dry rotted from the inside and separated.  The luck of the Irish was with me as it was raining hard and the right front tire blew and the ole 189 went full tilt to the right with the wheels locked and the rear of my Lexus went to the right as both vehicles were skidding in the WET sideways. That being said, and I being a pursuit driving instructor in years past when I was in police work, yanked the Lexus in a lower gear and poured the coals to it to pull it straight which it did!   Text book. If the road would have been dry good chance or a dual roll over. 
After I changed my pants, I had my son rent a trailer from Tallahassee area and put it aboard  for the final trip to his home to restore ole 189 since he is a good wrench and pretty smart--  smarter than I since he got a trailer and had DAD bring ole 189 to him. However all's well that ends well and I was home that night  in WPB (West Palm Beach)  by 10:00 pm  I had left that  morning at 5ish and blew the tire around 10:30 on I-10 just outside Tallahassee
Well that's the saga of ole 189  the picture is worth a 1000 words   Moral: Even if it looks new it may not be safe! 

Yet another picture of car 189 for your caption-adding pleasure.

The ad DID say "NO BONDO"

When car 748 owner Randy submitted his car to the registry in 4/06, he included THIS logic by NY DMV:

The state of NY insisted on registering it as 97 Custom since the PA. title had it as a hot rod / kit car. I intend to put together a package of documents and resubmit it to the state in hopes of getting a corrected title.

From Don:

Ford VS Chevy

And then, a couple of years ago,  there was the eBay ad for a CHEVROLET. I can understand how someone might not know all about Glassics, but to own one and think they had a Chevy? I didn't want to seem like a "know it all" but I did sent him an email suggestion that might have helped him sell the car.

From Don, the Annexmaster, posted 2/2006

I hired a pair of eyes!

Back before I got my first Glassic, I saw car #1279 on Collector Car Trader Online. There was one picture and the car looked - well, not new. Rather than fly all the way to Dallas from Florida to look at it, I came up with an ingenious idea.

I got onto AOL and found the chat rooms. I was going to hire a pair of eyes to look at the car for me.  I wanted a local person with a cell phone who could drive out and look at the car and answer questions for me - as if I was doing the looking.

Well, there were about 20 chat rooms open in that city, all full of horny teen-agers trying to "hook up" with each other - and me. I proposed my plan in each chat room and either was totally ignored, or got a smarty pants answer from the teeny-boppers. I guess "I want someone to look at a car for me for money" just wasn't that popular a concept.

Finally, on about the 12th chat room, I got an answer. "I don't drive, but my brother will do it and needs the money" -- So I waited until my chat buddy asked his/her brother if he wanted to do this and ended up on the phone with this dude.  He was hysterical - like someone out of a situation comedy. He got the sellers address, we agreed on a time and I set up with the seller to let the car be looked at by my "representative".

The kid showed up and, in spite of his colorful language and descriptions, he talked with me about the car. I said "look at the back plastic window -- is it cloudy or cracked?"  his answer was "what window?" -- seller hadn't mentioned that.  The description and questions went on for half an hour or so - with the kid giving descriptions using words like gnarly - gross - radical and so forth that I had to clarify.  All the while I could hear the seller in the background with comments like "that wouldn't be hard to fix" or "I forgot about that" as the kid found stuff that I never could have seen in that picture on the internet. He told me about the rotting, sticky goo that had once been the door weatherstripping and other things, both good and bad.

I finally thanked him and told him that I would send him the agreed upon $75.00 by Western Union. He then asked me if there were any other jobs I wanted him to do, since he was leaving home to get a start in Las Vegas. I swear, I could have put out a "hit" on someone for a couple of hundred dollars.

It took me days to stop laughing from his vivid descriptions of that car, but, in the end, I had learned a lot about the car. I decided not to get the car, mostly because I found one right in the area, where a lot of work had already been done. The person I got was a total "character" but the idea was very sound and helpful.



A few months later, this guy called me from the next town up. Dave wanted to know if I knew anything about the Glassic for sale in Texas (by then I HAD car 1254 and had started the website)  -- I said that I sure DID, and told him all about it. He subsequently drove out to Texas and bought the car and trailered it home. He was happy, and when I saw the car, it was EXACTLY as I expected.  A year later he had re-done his car, and he and I were both pleased with our purchases. As of 2/06 Dave still owns car 1279 - and we get together often.

In July, 2006, Joel, the builder of the Glassics in the '60s and '70s sent this along. Although it is not strictly GLASSIC, it does relate well to the Annexmaster's mechanical know-how.

Are you missing a 710?

Yesterday I was having some work done at the car dealer. A
(redhead) came in and asked for a seven-hundred-ten. They
all looked at each other, and the Mechanic asked, "What is a
She replied, "You know, the little piece in the middle of
the engine. I lost it and need a new one. It had always been
The mechanic gave the woman a piece of paper and a pen and
asked her to draw what the piece looked like. She drew a
circle and in the middle of it wrote 710. He then took her
over to another car which had the hood up and asked, "Is
there a 710 on this car?" She pointed and said, "Of course,
it's right there."

Scroll down to learn the identity of the mysterious 710:









But honey, the ad said "Only driven in good weather"

Car 129 before restoration. See scrapbook 3 for later pics.

When Kevin sent this picture he said: "This shows what happens to a Glassic that sits outside
for 10 years, then gets towed 1400 miles behind a pickup traveling 80mph -
which explains why there is no left the vehicle somewhere in
Missouri)...  :( "

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