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Hall of Fame


Most Glassic owners graciously share their knowledge and photos. A special thanks to all of those who have also donated cash to help fund this website.
Entry with a        BRIGHT YELLOW       background is the most recent donation. Thank you!

 Some of our friends have donated to the Annex more than one time. For multiple donors, each star represents a time that these fine people have contributed cash in support of the website.

Stephen Chalupnik
Stacey Hilbert
Jimmy Seamon
Frank Molby
Gerry Hale
Fabian Steinhauser
Rich Wildgruber
Bill Neuenfeld
Janice Kloog
Thomas Peterson
George Eadie
Brian & Peggy Wiswell
Rick Potter
Bill Crozier
John Nowak
Roy McDaniel
Tom Scott
Gary Stanley
Joel Faircloth
Don Curry
Bob & Marsha Exley 
James Lasiter
The newest donations on the list below are at the top - the MOST recent has yellow background.   Gold stars above: most recent also at the top..
  Dennis Griffiths Michael Thomas
James Chandler Jerry Johnson Wendell Kautz
Andy Barna Wayne Willkomm Ken Behrendt
Richard Mead Rex Kirkingburg Ron Thompson
Steve Schneider Rick Reisert Dave & Lindsay Willman
Jim Blubaugh Ronnie Kitts James Malone
Clinton Lovell Joerg Tragert Mike Bekech
John Latanzio David Gluth Don Sweet
George Braun Jack Gerbl Barbara Johnson &
 Mark Weitgenant
Mike Mc Donough Louis Oursler Harold Stone
Bobbie Reed Dennis Austin Dennis Crozier
Joe Mulvey Bob Vejvoda Sam Brice
Bob Young Dave Christensen Roger Werchan
Jan Moye Bob Pruett Bev Lasure

Butch Moore

Mark Handwerker Robert Marson
Nelson Miller  



It is important to say that cash donations are most welcomed, your contribution of information and experiences is even more welcome. There are other places to find money, but sharing your knowledge and your Glassic info is truly a unique donation.

The annual cash costs for this website are as follows:
GlassicAnnex.org domain name $15 - premium hosting fee $107
GlassicAnnex.com domain name $15, Replicars.org domain and ad free hosting $27
the Annex message board hosting $60 and, in Aug. 2013, added:
GlassicReplicars.com as a site for the photo album. That one costs $123 per yr
but can house all our pictures. (over 4,800 of them as of 8/2017)

Annual budget: over $300 per year

- Donation account balance as of 4/5/21: The balance is currently a bit below break-even. THANK YOU!
Thank you, members of the "Hall of Fame"  Donation funds are kept in a dedicated fund,
 and are used only for payments to the
 website hosting companies and message board provider.

The costs for this website are borne by the kind people in the Hall of Fame and the Annexmaster. The more content and viewers, the higher those costs get. If you would like to contribute, any donations received will be applied to the costs of the website only. The contributors above and I pay extra fees so that our site has NO BANNERS or pop-ups, and you don't have to "join" or even get yet another user name and password to enjoy the Annex..


Use the PayPal donate button above to
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Checks should be payable to Don Davis - Glassic Annex does not have a "business account"


Whether or not you have a PayPal account,
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Donations of $5.00 to $10.00 or more
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Some nice things people have said over the years.  Thank you!

Donations to the website are great, and much appreciated.  Also, and often even more precious, is feedback that the labor effort
in sharing this information has yielded its intended result -- helping fellow Glassic owners and fans, whatever their task is.

Received in June, 2018, along with a check to help with the expenses of the website:

I would like to make a small donation to help with the costs of the site. Its a great thing.

My Glassic (# 1045) sold after one day on it (listed as "for sale" on the Annex).

I hope the new owner sends you his info.

The Annexmaster loves some of the odd coincidences that have happened from time to time. Like the time that TWO cars were registered by owners in England in the same week - different parts of the country.  In that spirit, in May 2015, I got a nice email (after receiving a donation for the site)  When I got ready to post it, I was shocked that I had already received a note from the same owner this month -- only it wasn't the same person -- look at the highlighted car numbers below:

Just wanted to say thanks for maintaining the website as a great resource of information about our cars; not only historical, but ongoing as all of us run into issues and make changes. All of these cars have a story, and I find your website an invaluable resource for learning about how these cars came to be. Let's just say that the website has proven to be more reliable than the previous owner I purchased it (the car) from.

AND, I really appreciate that the website is free of advertising! Those pop-up and side-bar advertisements are extremely annoying.

Thanks again for your efforts in creating and maintaining a great website.

This came from Ken, the owner of car #1147


The message below arrived in the US mail in May, 2015.  The cash donation was very nice, but these kind remarks were even more satisfying!

Hello Don

My name is Bill, and I live in Northwest Indiana. Last year I bought a Glassic (#1047) a 1977 Replicar from Terry and Cindy Eaglin of Champaign IL They had the car listed on the Annex website and that's how I found the car. I have been browsing your site ever since. It has been a great help in understanding just what a jewel I now own. There are a lot of things I want to do to the car, and a few things I want to replace, so I will be asking a lot of questions.

I would like to make a donation to help keep this site up and running. I can't imagine trying to keep my Glassic up and running without it. Thanks for taking the initiative, so please find XXX cash enclosed. ...




The note below was received December, 2014 along with a second financial donation to the site.
The donation was great, the words of support - priceless!  Thanks, Rich.

Hi Don,

Your website has been invaluable, both in finding my "Glassic" Replicar (10 years ago),
and maintaining it through the years...
So I have enclosed another donation for your website.
Thanks again,   Rich           Car # 1456

This nice email was received 12/31/03 Thank you for sending it!

Don -

My father (Johnny Huelsbeck) just sold his Glassic #370 thanks to the
'for sale' line on your website.  Thanks so much for the service you
provide; you were so right.  The listing generated a great deal of
interest, and e-mails from as far away as Ireland and Hawaii.

I've left a small donation through Paypal.  I do hope your site
continues to prosper........it provides a unique and useful service.

Dad's looking up the paperwork with the buyer's name, etc.  Will forward
to you if found.

Best wishes for a happy new year!
- jm

Contact me.

Feel free to contact me regarding this website or Glassic related matters.

Don Davis
2070 Fuerte Ln
Escondido, CA 92026

(760) 533-9607 (Cell phone -- Pacific time zone)



Don, the Annexmaster
  The first entry in the Annex LOG appeared on June 25, 2001.

Began the webpage after purchasing my Glassic 6/25/01

"Annexmaster" is my made-up term combining the name of this website, the Glassic "Annex" and "webmaster" - a term for the person who oversees the technical stuff on a particular website.

Sometimes, when I interject a comment in someone else's article or story, I will add MY remarks in Purple - like my first Glassic' color (# 1254). - while my current car (# 689) is RED and BLUE, I will continue to use purple for my remarks.

I was a Tampa Bay resident, a former school Business Manager retired ( in 1997) early from the public school system in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. I relocated to the suburbs North of San Diego, CA in Sept 2009. I am a computer hobbyist and amateur web publisher. I have great faith in the web's ability to help us share common interests for our mutual benefit. The Washington area IBM users group's motto was "Users helping users" -- a fitting theme for Glassic owners as well!

Don and his Glassic pose on the Gulf of Mexico

I have always had an interest in convertibles and cars that were easy to find in a parking lot. Over the years I have owned some odd cars including two "real" model A's and a '90 Mustang Convertible. For the last several years I have had a desire for the uniqueness of a Model A with more reliable running gear. At least 7 or 8 years ago I made an offer on what must have been a Glassic roadster, only to miss out by $1000 or so. I felt that THAT car had wheels that were more like the actual Model A, but am sure that it had a V-8 and auto trans. I remember the bumpy, unstable, FAST ride that I took, but not much else about the car.
In the Spring of 2001 I discovered the Phaeton model by Glassic and thought that it would be a more unusual model than the roadster. I began searching the web, and found a number of cars advertised. The search closed in on a car right here in the Tampa area, and I was attracted to it by the amount of work that had been done on it including a recent purple paint job (so the car will stand out among all of the other Glassics on the block) as well as a rebuilt engine (with receipts), a fresh interior with upgraded reclining buckets seats, and new/newish tires all around. There is still plenty to be done to it, however. Can you imagine, the car had NO aoogah horn on it at the time of purchase!

My car interests have been supported (no, TOLERATED) by my loving wife of 37 years who prefers anonymity on the road. (updated 7/2012 to 46 years of tolerance by my wife)




Privacy Policy

The purpose of the Annex site is SHARING information.
This site has a pretty loose privacy policy. First, I feel that Glassic owners or enthusiasts are NOT people who wish to hide in obscurity. Second, not much in our lives is private any more.

If you send information to the site, or if I find it in a public place (such as on a website, or in an ad, etc.) I will begin with the assumption that you don't mind it being shared. Should I post personal information about YOU that you do not want shared, I will be glad to remove it as soon as possible. 

Do not list a work phone, for instance, if you would not want to receive calls at work.
The more information posted about you and your car, the more likely that you can meet and exchange information with other Glassic owners.

Or rare occasion, I have been asked to remove factual info for the purpose of deceiving people who might view the website. In those cases, I have respectfully declined. One person had a car titled as a newer year car than it really was, and another wanted me to remove restoration pictures that a previous owner had submitted - possibly so that he could claim to have restored the car himself.

I will not sell your info to any vendor etc, although anyone who wants can easily find your data on the Annex, if it is there.

Financial Policy

I plan to continue to run the Annex as a freebie. As the website grows in content and viewership, I hope to continue to pay the costs from my own funds and through donations.

Thanks to the many people who have donated money, the site, after operating and growing for over 13 years, is STILL a free site to look at, without ads or pop-ups. And you don't need yet another user name and password to participate in the Annex experience.

In addition to GlassicAnnex.org, contributions pay for things like the domain name GlassicAnnex.COM,  and Replicars.org.  Those only serve to help people who don't know the actual website. Those domain names refer people to GlassicAnnex.org. Someone who finds and buys a Replicar (1976-1981) may not even know the name "Glassic" at first.

Questions or comments about these policies are welcome.